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Family's Honor (Hangul: 가문의영광; hanja: 家門의榮光; RR: Gamunui Yeonggwang; also known as Glory of the Family) is a South Korean television series starring Yoon Jung-hee, Park Si-hoo, Jeon No-min, Kim Sung-min, Shin Da-eun, Jeon Hye-jin, and Maya. It aired on SBS from October 11, 2008 to April 19, 2009 on Saturdays and Sundays at 21:55 for 54 episodes. With its strong focus on family traditions and values, the series revolves around the tangled and less than perfect lives of the illustrious Ha family. It centers on the filial granddaughter of the Ha household, played by Yoon Jung-hee. Writer Jung Ji-woo said, "I wanted to write a story about a very backward woman. I wanted to see how a woman who cannot speak up for herself and likes to sew could survive in modern society." Director Park Young-soo added that, "I wanted to revive the significance of our dying traditions. I worked hard to capture that."

The stories in this series revolve around the members of two families that have strongly contrasting backgrounds. One is a traditional patriarchal family (Ha family) trying its best to uphold the reputation of its family name, while the other is a nouveau riche family (Lee family) that got wealthy from loansharking and other shady business dealings.

Most of the plot centers on the relationship between the youngest granddaughter of the Ha family, Ha Dan-ah (Yoon Jung-hee), and the son of the Lee family, Lee Kang-suk (Park Si-hoo). Dan-ah bears the emotional burden of being widowed at a young age, and is unable to let go of the memory of her husband who died in a serious car accident. She has several unpleasant encounters with Kang-suk, an unscrupulous businessman whose main aim in life is to defeat his opponents in the business arena. A strange turn of events brings this unlikely duo together in a mock dating game, which turns serious as both parties find themselves changing for the sake of the other.

The two main sub-plots focus on the romantic relationships of Dan-ah's twin brothers. The elder is Ha Soo-young (Jeon No-min), a mild, placid man who meets and falls in love with a girl several years his junior (Shin Da-eun). The second brother, Ha Tae-young (Kim Sung-min), is impetuous and outspoken, and finds his match in a tomboyish policewoman (Maya).

As relationships develop and paths cross, the fates of the Ha and Lee families become closely intertwined. In the events that follow, the beliefs and values of both families will be challenged, secrets will be unearthed, and new ties will be forged.

《가문의 영광》은 2008년 10월 11일부터 2009년 4월 19일까지 드라마 《조강지처 클럽》의 후속작으로 방영된 텔레비전 드라마이다.

멸문한 종가를 다시 세운 노인을 정면에 내세운것은 "그가 지키고자 한 것은 무엇인가"에 대한 물음이다. 하만기는 그런 사람이었다. 낡은 족보만 있지 아무것도 가진게 없었던 사람이다. 그러나 그는 자신을 일으켜 세웠다. 낡은 족보를 뒤적이며 선대 어른들의 이름과 행적을 말해주는 멸문한 가문의 종손인 아버지를 보면서 깨달았다. "나는 귀한 사람이라고..." 하늘에서 어느날 갑자기 의미없이 떨어진 것이 아니라 누군가의 자식으로, 누군가의 형제로, 누군가의 삶의 증거로... 그래서 그는 낡은 족보를 껴안고 일어섰고 잃었던 종택을 찾았고, 흩어졌던 종친을 찾아 모았다. 이 드라마는 자신을 사랑하는 법을 알았던 사람의 이야기다. 자신을 사랑해야 사는게 의미있고 반듯해질 수 있다고 믿는 한 사람이 일궈낸 많은 사연들을 담고 있는 이야기다. 처음 시작은 하만기 후손들의 이혼, 간통 등의 이야기로 시작되지만 이들이 어떻게 자신을 사랑하는 삶을 살아가는지 보여주는 가슴 따뜻한... 물질만능에 물든 현대에 일침을 가하는 드라마다.

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