Trump Wrongly Insists Biden 'Refused' To Say 'Law And Order' During Debate

Johnny Nguyen 16:25

Trump incorrectly stated Biden "refused" to say "law and order." Twitter users were quick to remind Trump that he "refused" to condemn white supremacy.

One day after verbally sparring with Democratic nominee Joe Biden in a chaotic mess of a presidential debate, President Donald Trump blasted his opponent on Twitter because he “refused” to use the term “law & order.” 

The president’s tweet echoed his insistence during Wednesday’s debate that Biden was anti-police and in favor of lawlessness. Biden refuted this claim to Trump’s face, arguing that the majority of police officers were good people and that he was in favor of reforming police institutions rather than defunding them, a point that has previously been echoed by his campaign

Trump’s tweet also stated that America’s suburbs would be destroyed during a potential Biden presidency — a familiar talking point that Trump has employed in order to create division, paint himself as a protector of American suburban life and vilify the demonstrations in cities with Democratic leaders, such as Minneapolis and Portland.

Twitter users quickly responded to the tweet, pointing out that Trump would be wise to avoid speaking about refusals — particularly since, when presented the opportunity during the debate, the president refused to condemn white supremacy and instead told the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.

Trump’s take on Biden refusing to say the phrase “law and order” was also outright false, as pointed out by several Twitter commentators. Biden had, in fact, said the three words, arguing that he was in favor of “law and order with justice, where people get treated fairly.” 

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