FLASHBACK: Here's How Trump Mocked Hillary Clinton's Pneumonia In 2016

Johnny Nguyen 23:35

The president taunted Clinton for getting sick on the campaign trail four years ago this week.

President Donald Trump is under treatment for coronavirus infection at Walter Reed Medical Center and has received wishes for a swift recovery from both sides of the aisle, including his election rival, former Vice President Joe Biden

But Trump was far less sympathetic when the tables were turned. 

He taunted 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for getting sick with pneumonia, and even did a mock impression of the former secretary of state buckling at the knees as she was taken to her car: 

Trump had initially sent good wishes to Clinton after the Sept. 11, 2016 incident. 

“I don’t take satisfaction,” he said. “I hope she gets well and I hope she gets well soon.”

But several weeks later, he mocked her over it, as the clip above shows. The footage is being shared widely on social media after Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis.

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