Matt Gaetz Resurrects Chuck Norris Joke To Praise Trump And 2005 Is Pissed

Johnny Nguyen 16:10

Twitter users mocked the Trump-loving Republican after he reached into history for an attempt at humor.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) attempted to lift the spirits of President Donald Trump on Monday by lifting a joke from 2005.

The Trump-aligned lawmaker posted a tweet about the president’s coronavirus with a crack echoing “fact” based jokes typically associated with Chuck Norris that were popular 15 years ago.

Many people noticed what Gaetz was doing ― and they weren’t particularly impressed.

Other people thought Gaetz’ tweet sent an unintended message. For instance, Phil Ehr, who is challenging Gaetz in next month’s election, had strong words for the incumbent.

Others had different theories.

No word on whether Trump took note of Gaetz’s tweet. Either way, one Twitter user doesn’t think it will ― or should ― be forgotten.

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